Next big thing

Shutters are hot, blinds are not.

Fitting in with just about any decor, versatile and massively attractive be ahead of the game and pick up on this breaking style news. Available in a whole plethora of colours as well custom colours to match woodwork. Most suppliers will match to any of the well-known paint ranges like Farrow and Ball and Dulux. Shutters are available in a range of prices. MDF shutters and considerably cheaper than real wood. But if you like the real wood effect and durability it’s worth the extra investment.

Interior shutters – also called Louvre shutters are a fantastic maintenance free alternative to more dated blinds and curtains. They allow more privacy and light control than traditional forms of window dressing.

A massive benefit in this growing ‘environmentally concerned’ world is the insullation benefits of shutters. The Victorians used shutters as a form of maintaining heat in a room and the benefits cannot be overlooked.

Shutters are available in three main styles. Full height shutters which cover the whole of your window. Cafe style shutters which cover half of the window (as you often find in cafes – hence the name!) and Tier shutters with one shutter on top of another.

As well as perscripting your colour and style most shutter companies will allow you to dictate how your shutters should be folded.

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