Dress The Festive Home

Christmas is an exciting time for many and none more so than for children. You can create a warm and inviting feeling when visitors walk through the door, making it a magical experience for all. With a few touches here and there you can make children feel welcome in a home with grown-up decor or leave adults spell bound in a bustling family home.

Create a family friendly environment with the use of white, red, ivory and beige tones. By adding splashes of Christmas red on a white tablecloth; using red flowers, coloured cutlery for the children, ribbons around the chairs, and a table centrepiece in a bold silver container. To add a sense of glamour to your home over the Christmas period, use glossy black furniture, teamed with white and gold accessories, making sure candlesticks are of decorative elegant glass. Greet your guests at the door with black wine glasses and lead them through to your glamorous take on Christmas.

For those who seek to create the modern Christmas, a wintery ice theme will prove popular with friends and family. Mix pale blues, silver and ice whites, make use of tea lights dotted about, use plain white crockery and accessorise with silver goblets and crackers.

The ideal festive home is all in the smallest of details and it will generate the biggest of welcomes.

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