Sweet Pastels for 2010

If you have ever thought using pastels was a bit sickly sweet for a modern day home, it is now time to change your mind or at the very least for you to entertain the possibility of these gorgeous sorbets of texture and shade entering your abode.

The ideal use of pastels, apart from in a childs bedroom is to use them to accentuate rooms qualities, you can use powder blues and pinks to lighten a dark corner, even in the form an armchair recovered in a fabric of peach, pink, maybe a light green. If you are unsure what pastels work well together, then you need not look any further than your local cosmetics counter to see how palettes of eye shadow work together, these can provide great inspiration.

Also pastels work very well with dark wooden furniture; it can bring the wood to life and allow you to easily see the structure and design of a piece of furniture. Its also worth buying a selection of chalk in various pastel shades and getting some A4 paper and colouring the paper in one shade and then holding it against a piece of furniture to see which shade looks best for your room and your furniture. If you don’t want to use chalks why not pop to you local DIY store and pick up a selection of small paint pots and use the same method to choose your wall colourings.

Bringing pastels into the home other than in a childs room, maybe only for the brave, however, the gorgeous range of colours available and the refreshing nature of them will make a great addition after those long dark wintry months.

Window Dressing

Windows are the eyes to the soul for homes and if your windows need to some attention then maybe a few ideas about window dressing will give your home that welcoming touch.

There is a current trend for chic and nothing epitomises this than shutters which can act as privacy but also opened slightly to allow light to diffuse through the room. However if you are looking for glamour then we need to think luxury, fabrics in silk and satin, lightweight and gorgeous to look at and feel. You can go for extra long curtains and tie them in the middle with a big loose knot and allow the bottoms of the curtains to act as pool of silk.

If you hate net curtains then there are some wonderful blinds to choose from and of course there is the modern concept of window film, which is ideal for bathrooms or anywhere you would like a bit of privacy but still would like to view the world outside.

Of course you can’t forget the accessories for curtains, such as tie-backs, forget about the tie-back in the same fabric as the curtain itself, use your imagination and use bold costume jewellery necklaces with large metallic or gemstone coloured beads and inject the dramatic into your curtains.