Transitional areas

I am feeling a little sorry for transitional areas as they are often times over looked and totally neglected. Walls are often unadorned and there is not an accessory in sight. So I was thinking its about time we changed all that. Hallways, passageways and other little nooks should be as fabulous as any other room in your house. If you treat it like any other room and apply the same tricks it will dazzle in no time. First up layer the lighting, think chandeliers, sidelights, wall lights you know the thing. Your hallway sets the tone for the rest of your pad so its important to make it as wow as possible. Shelves are fab, the Ikea lacquered ones were genius (they doubled up as storage) although not sure they do them any longer. If you layer such a shelf with artwork, mirrors and lighting it will create a super interesting tone and totally up your style ratings.

Being a high traffic area of course flooring needs to be sturdy yet beautiful – painted boards, tiles, sisal anything that can handle wear and tear. Lastly when I was in NY shooting my book I noticed just how many people put a lovely scented candle in their entranceway so the minute you walk through the door you are intoxicated by a beautiful scent. Genius.

Flower Power

We have just launched our very own faux flower shop in store with all our blooms shortly to go on line. Having never been a fan of the fake stuff I was blown away recently when I discovered how realistic these blooms were its almost impossible to tell if they are the real or not. The best bit about the whole venture has been to experiment and push the boundaries with posies of interesting blooms offset in super cool vases. Not only will flowers transform your room they will give it instant personality like nothing else on earth.