Creating the illusion of space

We all want more space, even if we have oodles of it we want rooms to appear bigger and grander than they really are. There are some tricks of the trade that can make even the weeniest of spaces appear larger. First tip, move furniture away from walls as shoving furniture against walls aka doctors waiting room looks and feels so suburban. The plan is to trick the eye so it can’t automatically read the size of the space. Don’t be afraid to push things into the centre. In my own pad you have to meander around all sorts of stuff to get to a seat but it creates a path of exploration, helps generate movement and (designer lingo) flow.

Next up vary the scale – scale is the most under-used tool in the decorating basket but its powers are transformative. I have designed my outdoor terrace to appear like another room. Extra large out door chairs (black of course) sit alongside bijou occasional tables all presided over by a life-size cruelty free moose which doubles up as a light. Teeny pieces sit next to super sized pieces, which in turn creates a far more interesting perspective than if everything were one boring size.

Turn your creative skills to your home and help your bank account

We’re all looking for ways to save a bit of cash these days, and the trend for all things home-made from Cards to cushions, has given us not only a feel-good factor (that card would have cost me £2.50), but also lets lose our creative inhibitions.

So go for it – have fun sourcing crazy buttons, buy a cheap hat and jazz it up. Or take a course in beading and make everyone necklaces and bracelets for Christmas. Extend your creativity to your furniture and move things around. Don’t be afraid to completely re-plan your space according to how you best use it. If you have a large open plan area at the back of the house and a smaller dining room at the front which nobody ever really uses, why not change this into a cost lounge space to retreat to in the evenings, or a cinema room? Accessorize each individual area in a room – from a shelf, to a fireplace, dressing on sofas etc. You will be amazed how different a room can look when you toss a string of pearls over a dressing table mirror, add a few antique books to a dressing table and a put some dried roses into a glass bottle that you’ve up cycled.

Enjoy your home, the more you individualise it the more it will be a true statement of you.