Ideal Christmas present Jazz up your Childs bedroom

Trying to provide an inspirational space that makes your child proud to invite their friends into, allows you to show guests around without visibly cringing and creating a space that is eminently practical, almost seems an impossible task.

Hopefully these tips will help to reduce the enormity:

  • Storage is key – it’s amazing what a tiny baby needs, and as they get bigger so do the toys, so think shelves, boxes and units. Even if you have a small box room, that can’t take much furniture think about wall shelving and perhaps having one larger wardrobe that houses everything rather than a chest of drawers and smaller wardrobe. Or look at Cabin bed solutions that integrate storage into the bed by raising the actual bed upwards. Kids love it because it has all the benefits of being on a top bunk without having to share, and most cabins come with a wide assortment of desks, drawers and wardrobes already integrated.
  • Allow the bedroom theme to be as eclectic as your child. The wonderful thing about children is they go in and out of trends daily, so go for a blank canvas wall colouring and let the pictures, motifs, accent walls, curtains and bedspreads take care of the Superhero, Thomas, Barbie or Hello Kitty themes. That way you won’t be redecorating every five minutes. And your child individualises their bedroom by their eclectic mix of themes.
  • Window treatments with a bit of forward thinking can grow with the child. Go for something more generic rather than themed or very ‘of their age’ and you can afford to spend a little more. Bright stripes or spots or gingham will transcend ages well. Obviously make sure you avoid cords with small children.
  • Consider the uses of the room well before you start. Is it a playroom as well as a bedroom? A study area? If the child is young will you need a daybed to sleep on when those inevitable nights they don’t want to sleep on their own set in? Where are your plug sockets, light switches, heating sources? It’s almost worth jotting a plan on a piece of paper to start with. You’ll save yourself time in the long run.
  • And finally – include your child. Kids are naturally creative and love to be included. Discuss their favourite themes. Let them select their bedding or pictures. Make them feel it’s their own special space and they helped to create it.