Updating Floors

I am on a mission to update floors (they take up almost one sixth of an interior space) and more often than not are neglected, neutral, and monotonous.

A fabulous way to inject colour into your floors is to add rugs (even if your floors are already carpeted). Think ornate Moroccan, Persian something colourful and patterned as often times chairs and sofas are covered in solid hues and patterns break up the formality. Rugs adds warmth and cosiness to any space no matter how grand or small, act as a fab focal point and are one of the easiest ways to update, revitalize and add drama. A few more pointers if you are using more than one rug in the same area make sure they are not the same size not only does it cut your room in half visually its so so boring. Also I suggest mixing them up in my basement a woollen zebra rug hangs out with a floral circular number from Anthropologie which is butting up against a kelim. Multi layered, multi coloured none of them match but they all make beautiful sense.

Happy Decorating

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