Paper Your Way Around Your Home

If you’ve gone looking for wallpaper lately you will have noticed that there is a multitude to choose from, here is the top eight pick from room4interiors, so you can get bang on trend.

  1. All botanical prints, perfect for spring and summer.
  2. Metallic can give a glamorous look to any room.
  3. Wood texture can make rooms seem taller.
  4. Bold anaglypta painted white is bang on trend.
  5. Geometric wallpaper is daring and eye-catching.
  6. Pastel Colours especially in blue, pink and lime.
  7. Tadelakt effect wallpaper, if you unsure what Tadelakt is it is a Moroccan plastering effect.
  8. Exposed brick, this is if you can’t decide which wallpaper to choose, plus it is one of the up-to-the-minute and hottest trends.

Monochrome Mania

If you thought monochrome was a fashion trend stuck in the 60’s, then think again, two tone is back and in a big way, although you can forget about zebra stripes. This is blocks of black and white or wide stripes, giving a striking effect with an edgy impact. Interiors are seeing this wave of monochrome, with furniture and accessories blowing their own trumpets against the fashion designers.

This look is not just for the brave, you can use black and white in any area in your home. From tiles in the kitchen, to our very own modular bedroom furniture, why not have one door white, then the next black, easy to do and outstanding.