Creating a Fabulous Home Office

One of the rooms that often times if not always threatens the overall look and feel of a home is the home office. With more and more people working from home in spare rooms, bijou nooks or trying to intergrate home offices into day to day living spaces it can feel a bit of a challenge. However fear not there are a number of tricks of the trade that us designers use to turn such spaces from being ordinary to extraordinary.

Home office furniture is often times ugly (think desks, chairs, lamps, filing cabinets and so on) so I would recommend thinking outside of the box. For example my desk in my studio at home is an old ornately carved Georgian
table which I picked up at a flea market for a song and have sprayed glossy teal. Rather than partnering it with a horrible office chair i have coupled it with a super sweet retro one that looks funky and creates an interesting

Heaped on my desk are little piles of books where little posies and scented candles hang out together along with a a fabulous vintage Italian lamp. It softens the look. Next up, house scanners and printers behind doors (in bookcases or cupboards) or plonk on sufaces and then accessorise around to distract the eye. Finally add warmth, layer rugs across floors, heap throws over chairs and add cushions. Cosy comfort coupled with functional practicality is the name of the game.