Open Plan Living

Have you ever wanted to live the open plan life, well it is easier than you think, but before you start to knock down walls and getting friendly with your sledgehammer, there are a few points to think through.

Get some advice from a building surveyor, as the last thing you want to do is take a wall out that is holding up the floor above. Generally if the wall continues upwards to the next floor it is probably a structural wall, this means you need to get the professionals in. But before you get this wall removed you have to obtain approval from building regulations and they will check on the progress at varying stages. The good news is if it is not structural you don’t need to get any permission, you can just get rid of it.

Remember about electrics and plumbing located in the wall, you’ll need to think about where you are going to relocate these to and you also need to take into account your plastering skills, as once the wall comes down, plaster damage will occur to the adjoining ceiling and walls.

It can be easy to live the open plan lifestyle but it does take a little thought and repair work afterwards, but it will create so much more space and light a little bit of upheaval is worth the effort.