Folky Florals

So winter is upon us, but there is no reason why the deeper shades of spring can’t be used in the home, they really do make the most of the darker months.  Think along the lines of pinks, purples and reds, with a splash of palm leaf green.  These colours are ideal for infusing into the bedroom.  Look towards plain pieces of bedroom furniture as the main accent will be the depth of soft furnishings.

Cleverly intersperse floral patterns amongst bold purple bedspreads, by using cushions and updating the curtains.  You can also bring the floral accent in by making use of floral china or ornaments decorated with flourishes of pink and cream. If you want a more long term effect, artificial flowers will carry on the look throughout the winter months without you having to worry about constantly replacing.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to replacing wardrobes, then think about how a folksy look works with mismatched pieces of furniture, the key is to ensure there is a singular theme running through, in this case it would be floral and purple, so even adding a patterned rug will get your bedroom folky.

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