Cushion Style

Cushions have gone from plain and functional, to loud and proud, mixing eclectic prints to textured and sculptural. There are so many cushions on the market at the moment, you will be spoilt for choice, but they are the must- have of the season. As the colder weather draws in, a cushion to hug or to brighten a dull sofa or bedspread is a great and cost effective way to make the most of the styles on offer.

You’ll find lots of bright yellow at the moment, veering towards sulphur inspired colour, they are good for adding a splash of colour to a room, although this style of cushion could be too bright for some. However, picking a cushion with a hint of yellow, maybe mixed with other geometric patterns will brighten any sofa.

Vintage sepia inspired prints cushions are all the rage from the London Eye to Angel Wings, they are more art work than for relaxing with. But they do add a talking point; they would look especially good on dark furniture, to bring out the sepia hues.

Texture is big news this season with homespun look knitted cushions with rose corsages or covering a plain cushion with its very own jumper. But texture is not just about the home-made look, it is also about suede and 3D effects, soft velvet pleats and felt petals. These cushions are designed to be touched and stroked and are great for the bedroom. But you could be selfish and store your own cushion away and bring it out when you want to snuggle up with a good book and a cup of cocoa.

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