Tips for Holding Onto Summer a Little Longer Inside


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It doesn’t take long for the word Christmas to start infiltrating conversations, even when the sun is still blazing outside. In Britain, our summers are notoriously short but if you’re not quite ready for log fires and autumn walks, there … Continue reading

The Autumn Days Nights of Interior Design


The Autumn Days and Autumn Nights of Interior Design

Summer is all but over, the evenings already seem a little shorter and there is a definite chill in the air. Despite this here at Room4Interior HQ we enjoy autumn, revelling in the fabulous reds, golds and yellows and the faint smoky tinge to the air as more and more people light their fires and burners. You have to remember of course that autumn is also the doorway to winter and all the festive fun that comes with it.

If you are looking to give your lounge a makeover autumn is a fabulous time to do it with soft furnishing, enhanced lighting and more lifting a room despite the gloom outdoors.

Clutter Free Comfort

We tend to spend more time in the lounge during the autumn and winter once the lure of the garden loses its novelty as the outside temperature plummets. Any room which tends to b used a lot or which becomes the main family room may often be described as a haven for clutter. Eliminate the clutter by investing in some modular furniture which offers both practical storage solutions and unbeatable interior design styling. This means you will have everything you want near to hand without any of the mess.

Have Throws at the Ready

During autumn the temperatures start to drop, perhaps not low enough straight away to light a fire or switch on the heating however to stay cosy a little something extra is needed, especially at night. Throws serve a double purpose in a lounge, adding colours, patterns and a decorative touch when arranged over sofas and arm chairs. They also provide unbeatable cosiness, especially when curled up after a long day with a book in hand.

Soft Furnishing Add Comfort and Style

Autumn may seem to be a harsher season with the light seeming colder and starker. To combat this festoon your suite with brightly coloured cushions, add a new soft rug and again remember your throws.

Let the Lighting Lead the Way

At any time of the year the amount and type of light in your lounge is what builds the right kinds of atmosphere. During the last months especially it is essential that you consider your lighting arrangements carefully. Soft light for curly up in front of the television and relaxing is fine where as a brighter light would be required for reading or detailed work. Dimmer switches are often chosen to make switching between lighting levels easier however we feel you really can’t beat decorative lamps and ornate candles.

This autumn fill your lounge with soft light, luxurious furnishings and practical yet stylish modular furniture. This will help you create the perfect place for reading a book, curling up with loved one or simply enjoying a calm, relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

Cushion Style

Cushions have gone from plain and functional, to loud and proud, mixing eclectic prints to textured and sculptural. There are so many cushions on the market at the moment, you will be spoilt for choice, but they are the must- have of the season. As the colder weather draws in, a cushion to hug or to brighten a dull sofa or bedspread is a great and cost effective way to make the most of the styles on offer.

You’ll find lots of bright yellow at the moment, veering towards sulphur inspired colour, they are good for adding a splash of colour to a room, although this style of cushion could be too bright for some. However, picking a cushion with a hint of yellow, maybe mixed with other geometric patterns will brighten any sofa.

Vintage sepia inspired prints cushions are all the rage from the London Eye to Angel Wings, they are more art work than for relaxing with. But they do add a talking point; they would look especially good on dark furniture, to bring out the sepia hues.

Texture is big news this season with homespun look knitted cushions with rose corsages or covering a plain cushion with its very own jumper. But texture is not just about the home-made look, it is also about suede and 3D effects, soft velvet pleats and felt petals. These cushions are designed to be touched and stroked and are great for the bedroom. But you could be selfish and store your own cushion away and bring it out when you want to snuggle up with a good book and a cup of cocoa.

Jubilee Joy

The Queens Jubilee is just around the corner and you can’t fail to notice all the gorgeous patriotic designs to fill our homes and gardens. If you are organising a family get together, Union Jack bunting is a must and of course crockery featuring the Queen is perfect to celebrate the Jubilee year.

As we are being gifted with an extra Bank holiday, it is the perfect time to get those decorating ideas in action. The current trend does revolve around the celebrations but there are other areas springing forth including furniture that is both versatile indoors and which can be migrated outdoors when the weather is good to us. There is some delightful and organically designed seating, which looks good in the home and also is weather resistant for outside. Perfect for relaxing with a nice cuppa and of course a comfy cushion depicting our heritage.

There is so much to look forward to this year and we can’t forget about the Olympics, their impact is also part of the inspiration towards all things British hitting our stores. If there is just once piece you purchase this summer it has to be a mug to celebrate a wonderful year to come.

Far From Boring

The design trends for the coming seasons are bright, bold and tropical. Forget about miserable weather and turn your eyes to the tropics, with lotus blooms and large trailing leaves. Pink flamingos and gorgeous butterflies are featuring heavily on fabrics and wallpaper. The look can be worked in the majority of rooms in the household, with the butterfly theme working well in the bedroom.

You’ll find the trend on virtually everything from bedding to crockery. As the look is bold, you only need a little of it, a feature wall, a few cushions or even some tasteful butterfly stencils to add a touch of design style to dated furniture. Of course, the bolder the room, the more you have to think about the furniture within, consider white bedroom furniture set against a dark cerise and jungle green or the pink of the flamingo against dark wood wardrobes. This trend is seriously fun, in fact even a little bit of this style in your home will bring a smile to your face.