Tips for Holding Onto Summer a Little Longer Inside


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It doesn’t take long for the word Christmas to start infiltrating conversations, even when the sun is still blazing outside. In Britain, our summers are notoriously short but if you’re not quite ready for log fires and autumn walks, there … Continue reading

The Autumn Days Nights of Interior Design


The Autumn Days and Autumn Nights of Interior Design

Summer is all but over, the evenings already seem a little shorter and there is a definite chill in the air. Despite this here at Room4Interior HQ we enjoy autumn, revelling in the fabulous reds, golds and yellows and the faint smoky tinge to the air as more and more people light their fires and burners. You have to remember of course that autumn is also the doorway to winter and all the festive fun that comes with it.

If you are looking to give your lounge a makeover autumn is a fabulous time to do it with soft furnishing, enhanced lighting and more lifting a room despite the gloom outdoors.

Clutter Free Comfort

We tend to spend more time in the lounge during the autumn and winter once the lure of the garden loses its novelty as the outside temperature plummets. Any room which tends to b used a lot or which becomes the main family room may often be described as a haven for clutter. Eliminate the clutter by investing in some modular furniture which offers both practical storage solutions and unbeatable interior design styling. This means you will have everything you want near to hand without any of the mess.

Have Throws at the Ready

During autumn the temperatures start to drop, perhaps not low enough straight away to light a fire or switch on the heating however to stay cosy a little something extra is needed, especially at night. Throws serve a double purpose in a lounge, adding colours, patterns and a decorative touch when arranged over sofas and arm chairs. They also provide unbeatable cosiness, especially when curled up after a long day with a book in hand.

Soft Furnishing Add Comfort and Style

Autumn may seem to be a harsher season with the light seeming colder and starker. To combat this festoon your suite with brightly coloured cushions, add a new soft rug and again remember your throws.

Let the Lighting Lead the Way

At any time of the year the amount and type of light in your lounge is what builds the right kinds of atmosphere. During the last months especially it is essential that you consider your lighting arrangements carefully. Soft light for curly up in front of the television and relaxing is fine where as a brighter light would be required for reading or detailed work. Dimmer switches are often chosen to make switching between lighting levels easier however we feel you really can’t beat decorative lamps and ornate candles.

This autumn fill your lounge with soft light, luxurious furnishings and practical yet stylish modular furniture. This will help you create the perfect place for reading a book, curling up with loved one or simply enjoying a calm, relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

Things you never knew about Furniture

Continuing our fun with infographics, we’ve compiled a list of things you never knew about furniture. Have a look. Did you know any of these?

Things about furniture you never knew

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A Summer Style to Suit All Tastes

During summer, it’s a delight to see the lighter nights but that blazing sun does highlight imperfections in the home. It’s no wonder everyone’s got the cleaning bug as all of a sudden the dust seems to float in mid-air while magnolia walls seem suddenly mucky and shabby chic seems simply shabby.

This year there are many new styles that have emerged thanks to celebrity fashion and good old fashioned tradition which is making one furniture supplier very busy indeed. Which one’s your favourite for 2014?

Block Colour

Think seventies with better colour. Forget oranges and browns and replace with bright greens, sky blues and poppy reds. Block colour is big news right now, with feature walls taking the brunt. Are you daring enough to try thinking outside the box?

The trick to this trend is to combine two bright colours with white, incorporating them into the furnishings too. We both adore sky blue and poppy red; it’s a gorgeous combination that looks amazing against an eggshell gloss.


Personally we think vintage is over rated as too many people are selling items on EBay using this label when what they really mean to say is “old and ugly”. Vintage should be at least 40 years old if only to make us feel a little younger!

If you do embrace the vintage style you have a lot of room for error as basically anything goes, from 50’s fashion with gingham and Cath Kidston pastels to 20’s art deco of jade greens and muted browns. The choice is yours.


Along with modular furniture, we also adore traditional styles. We do love block colour in the office, playroom and children’s bedrooms but the main areas can benefit from a blend of Victorian and Edwardian. Traditional doesn’t mean muted; on the contrary there are many period colours that are beautiful. Think of the 1829 range.

We’re fans of solid wood furniture mainly in cherry, walnut, oak and mahogany and combine these with ornate gilt mirrors, picture frames and our own taste in art. William Morris designs and curtains makes the overall effect impressive but ultra-cosy!

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic shows no signs of going out of fashion anytime soon as in these tough economic times shabby chic provides what we need. It presents an opportunity to reinvent our old faithful furniture along with a setting that’s relaxed and understated. Shabby chic is here to stay. For the best effects choose brilliant white walls and let the painted furniture stand out, scour your local charity shops for Lloyd loom chairs and pieces you can paint. Don’t worry about the end result, that’s the beauty of upcycling, anything looks better than before. You can tweak this style with modern or reproduction pieces from Room4Interiors, saving money while completing the look.


Think of the eighties skyscraper office and you’ve nailed the executive look. Walnut veneers with grey muted walls with just glass providing the natural light. It can be quite impressive, especially when mixed with chrome accessories in a kitchen, but grey does take some getting used to!

The great thing about 2014 is that no matter what you’re taste you’re bound to be in fashion as these trends cover everything.

What Does Your Desk Say About You?

As a business person, once we realise we’ll be spending a LOT of time in our office, our thoughts turn to making it as comfortable as possible.

The first item we look at is a desk and your choice can say an awful lot about you.
Personally, I have a Victorian knee hole mahogany desk (so middle class), with a rather worn leather top. It’s not everyone’s taste as the handles tend to fall off at will and it takes a lot to clean but it suits my personality.
It’s big enough to hold up to ten empty coffee cups without compromising my space. It also has very deep drawers that hide a multitude of sins.

What does this mean? It means I’m messy, unpredictable, chaotically organised and falling to bits. Enough about me though what does your desk say about you?
You are just beginning. Do you have piles of paper to the side? You’re an entrepreneur who doesn’t care where you work from as once you’re in the zone, you could be anywhere.
The perfect desk for the Compromiser

Do you even use this desk or do you give up and bring the laptop onto your knee in bed? I bet you’re a compromiser who doesn’t want work to filter too much into your home life- but it does! It may be time for a bigger desk or even a home office. Working from home is a luxury for you but you’ve had to compromise on space in order to fit it in and to please others who live with you!
The perfect desk for the Optimist

You’ve chosen this desk as you don’t need a lot of space, you’re only going to work a few hours a day. How’s that working out for you hm? You’re optimistic and you think working from home is for emergencies only but somehow you find yourself sat at this desk, more often than not, playing bejewelled. Add me on facebook, we’ll get along!
The idealist’s desk can be doubled as a dressing table, oh dream on…

You thought that working from home would mean views of the garden, cooking dinner in your lunch hour and finally finding the time to take up knitting. Your desk shows your love for romance and the good life but it’s what’s in the drawers that count. How many times have you cooked dinner from scratch this week?
Bond Villain
Room4interiors bond villain desk

You expect me to talk? No Mr Bond I expect you to… add me on LinkedIn

You’d have a white cat on your lap if the hairs didn’t clash with your Armani suit and make their way into the mouse (no pun intended). You like to spend time surveying your empire which is usually the box room and you see no reason why you can’t step on toes to get to the top (albeit toes of the family dog.)
Peter Pan
Perfect desk for teenagers

In the rest of the house you’ve been forced to grow up and be an adult. You may be surrounded with Laura Ashley curtains and Ikea wine racks but the office is your domain. Forever young, this desk displays your love of never growing up. You want to be the computer geek in weird science that recreates Kelly Brook (or Brock I can’t remember). You’re the Ferris Bueller of the 80’s and still fantasise about that car… you go for it son!