Arranging Your Perfect Dressing Table Area

Dressing table

If you intend on having a dressing table area in your bedroom or dressing room it is important to ensure that you set it up properly so that it is both functional and attractive. Here are some points to consider when choosing a dressing table and when setting it up for use.

What Space Do You Have and Need
If your dressing table is to be place in a large master bedroom you have the option to choose any sized piece of furniture. It would be wise to consider though not only the space required for the table but also the stool or chair and that there will be adequate room to move.

If you have a smaller bedroom maximise your space by placing the table against a wall and hang items, reducing clutter on the dressing table top. Consider how many beauty tools, toiletries, pieces of make-up and similar you will need to store when choosing which dressing table design will work best for you.

Storage Solutions
Dressing tables come in all shapes and sizes and while not all of them do, many include storage drawers underneath. Maximise storage by using decorative small drawers on the top of the table itself.

Using dividers inside drawers to section off areas for specific items such as jewellery, make-up, hair products (etc) will make using your dressing table more enjoyable and items certainly easier to find.

Let There Be Light
When dressing your hair, putting on make-up, painting your nails or taking care of any of the health and beauty tasks commonly done at the dressing table it is important to consider light levels. if you are able to place the dressing table near a source of natural light, such as the window, as well as with adequate ceiling light you won’t need to add a lamp or similar to your dressing table top. If not, look for a lamp which is bright, attractive and ideally won’t take up too much room. An illuminated mirror also boosts the light levels over a dressing table.

Choosing a Mirror
When choosing a mirror for your dressing table, or choosing a dressing table which comes with a mirror consider what you will be using the table for. For example, will you need a three sided mirror which curves around the back of the table, allowing you to see the front, sides and when turning the back of your hair? Will you want a mirror which may be tilted or are you looking ideally for a portable mirror which sports a higher level of magnification?
Keeping it Pretty
The key to keeping your dressing table pretty is to keep it clutter free. Why not mount open and ornate picture frames on the wall behind the table to use for hanging necklaces and earrings? Use hooks to keep your hairdryer and other hot styling tools off the top and off the floor.

Utilise the storage options you have and dress your dressing table making it a stylish addition to the room in its own right, adding perhaps a photo frame, pretty trinket boxes or even a bud vase.


Dressing Your Dining Table

More and more individuals, couples and families are returning to the dining room for more formal, yet enjoyable mealtimes. While it isn’t necessary to dress your table as lavishly as the Downton Abbey staff do for your Wednesday evening chilli con carne making an effort for informal occasions adds to the mood and sense of occasion.

What style you choose to use will depend on the time of year, the style of room and the size and type of dining furniture you possess.

Dining Table Day Décor

During the day there is no need for your dining table to look unloved.  A centre piece which looks great on its own when the table isn’t being used for eating at should stay  where it is during dining times and remain the focus of the table design when the rest of the table is dressed for dining.

Fresh flowers are great for special occasions and if you have time to refresh and replace floral centrepieces during the week then that is great. If not consider a top quality fresh flower alternative which may be used week after week or a centrepiece whose focal point is not necessarily flower-related.

Interior by Marshall Watson

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Everyday Dining

Having a good sized dining table and people to appreciate your table décor is something which spurs many on when it comes to thinking of new ways to make the table look good.

Consider a colour theme for the table which complements the décor in the room, coordinating napkins, place mats, a table runner and coasters as appropriate. Start your dressing efforts well by choosing a top quality table cloth and runner or if leaving wood (etc) expose choose top quality place mats as a base.

Unless you have very young children at the table put way beakers and use nice china and proper glasses, gleaming cutlery and decorative touches around the table so that it looks nice every time you sit down to enjoy a meal.

Dressing a table doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, the key here is to be inventive. Some home styles work best with cut crystal classes, silver candlesticks and ornate centrepieces while others might utilise bolder colours and a more minimalist look. Choose a style that works for you and your dining room.



Special Occasion Dining

These are those special occasions when all of the stops come out and the table becomes nothing less than a piece of artwork. This is when you have carte blanche to really go for gold and enjoy building a table which will make others coo in appreciation.

Some ideas include incorporating twinkling lights in or around the centrepiece, using the very best dinnerware, experimenting with napkin shapes and using seasonal or event-related features to personalise the décor.

Seeing the dining room once more returned to its prominent place in the home, no more relegated as merely the homework room or worse a storage area has gladdened the hearts of many interior designers. If you have a dining space take advantage of it and create something special for your home for all to enjoy.





Lavish Some Love on Your Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are often ignored, unloved and worse a haven for clutter. It is bemusing really as these cabinets frame your bed and offer a wealth of practical storage as well as the opportunity to add an additional layer of design to your bedroom.


Choose the Right Bedside Cabinet

Not all bedside cabinets are created equally unfortunately. In order to add something to your room rather than detract you need to find pieces which work alongside the other furniture in the room, either matching or complementing them in some way. Consider how much room you have, for example do you want, need and have room for a bedside table on either side or the bed and if so how big do they need to be?

Also consider how much storage you want your chosen pieces to incorporate. Would you like two drawers or would one be sufficient? Consider your choices carefully before buying.

Clear the Clutter

Bedside cabinets and tables attract clutter. Glasses, books, glasses of water, medication, tissues, jewellery and more often languish on the top making that part of your bedroom look untidy and spoiling the overall calming effect that you had wanted to create in your bedroom.

A top tip is to use the drawers or cupboards on the bedside cabinets to store your items so that items remain close at hand and organised while the top may be used for more decorative purposes.



Dress Your Bedside Tables

When dressing your bedside cabinets you have a limited amount of space to play with therefore it is important to make it count. If a reading lamp is a must make it a spectacular piece which works perfectly with the existing décor and ideally doesn’t take up much room.

If you need a glass of water by the bed invest in a carafe and covered glass which again complements the style of the room.

Choose Quality Every Time

You could pick up some cheap and cheerful bedside cabinets for just a few pounds however they will not be as study, last as long or look anywhere as good as a quality set or individual piece would. Quality doesn’t necessarily have to mean overly expensive however it does pay to spend that little bit more to find the right pieces for your home.




Adding Nature Inspired Décor to Your Home This Autumn

Some of the most beautiful accessories and decorative touches in any home are inspired by nature. Regardless of whether you prefer bright and bold modern interior design or favour a true “back to nature” look there is a place in your home for more natural pieces.

Cushions and Covers

Soft furnishings are so easy to replace and doing so may change the entire feel of a room. This autumn why not choose gold, yellow, reds and greens to create a colour scheme that will make your main room look as beautiful inside as it does outside at this time of year?

Leaf patterns, twig outlines and more on throws, rugs and even dining room table runners all add to the overall effect you are trying to create.

Incorporating Wood into the Home

Wood often provides warmth and a depth to a room. Choose accessories that work with the style of your room such as these fabulous antique trunks. Wooden bowls and photo frames all add to the effect.

Bring Nature into the Home


This season the trees offer an abundance of gorgeous natural pieces for us to include in our home. Acorns, conkers and more arranged in a bowl make a fabulous centrepiece on the dining room table.

 Why not arrange large twigs in long vases, intertwining them with string lights for an extra special piece?

pinterest autumn

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Decorate Your Walls

Incorporate natural tones and materials when decorating your walls. Autumn wreaths, wall art, wooden or nature-inspired clocks, trailing ivy and more could be added around the home to create a stunning effect. There is nothing stopping you here so allow your imagination to run wild and create some stunning pieces which will wow visitors and yet create a calming atmosphere within the home.


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 Floral Arrangements

Adorn sideboards, tables and desks with autumn flowers in colours which suit your style and enjoy the extra splash of colour and scent as you move around the home.

If you aren’t a fan of real flowers or simply dislike constantly changing water and refreshing vases why not choose artificial pieces which will last longer and maintain their colour. Source cleverly made artificial sunflowers or similar which look realistic and arrange in bowls and vases at key points around the home.


By adding a few natural touches and getting creative with accessories you could create a whole new nature-inspired look this autumn to enjoy.

Using Metal, Glass, Copper and Brass in Your Interior Design Plan

When redesigning a room and looking to breathe new life into the décor make sure that you take the time to properly consider your space and what you want to see in it. Many of us are guilty of changing colours yet not being brave enough to look at alternative styles which is a shame and doesn’t do a room justice.

What is needed before the project starts is a lot of research. Visit sites such as Pinterest which is full of inspiration for those looking to trying something new. Metal and glass are finding their way back into interior design vogue, not only in modern industrial type arrangements either as the more traditional styles of old are coming back hard and fast.

Instead of looking at chrome, steel and glass perhaps now could be the time to consider softer looking yet equally interesting accessories and tones around the home? Copper and brass especially has proven very popular recently as well as being one of the more affordable ways to add metallic shades to your home.

Use accessories such brass bells, copper kettles, book ends on sideboards and mantles which catch and reflect warm coloured light around the room as well as looking fabulously quirky in their own right. Old keys displayed on walls or again on dressers have long since been popular with interior designers both professional and those simply enjoying the hobby. Explore a new take on the usual rusted or heavy iron keys by hanging some of these beautiful bright keys somewhere where they may be noticed and admired. These make a great piece of wall art as well being perfect for gift-giving if you know someone else with a similar theme.

r42 r41

As copper and brass reflect light and colour choosing a colour scheme couldn’t be easier as it is a case of anything goes. While some continue the theme with gold and yellow fabrics others might choose a core neutral palette with silver grey, cream and even a light blue which provide a perfect backdrop for the warmer coloured accessories as well as looking brilliant in their own right.

When arranged in an uncluttered way using traditional-looking ornaments and accessories such as these, copper and brass works perfectly in any style of home.

Other glass and metal pieces such as umbrella stands, photo frames, signs and more add interest and unbeatable style to a space whether your home favours a more modern look or again is already sporting a more traditional style.

Intricate design works means that we are now able to enjoy various metals and glass items around the home without them looking stark or harsh. Indeed these materials look anything but cold and are becoming increasingly popular in homes of all sizes.

When looking to revamp a room again look beyond the soft furnishings and consider metals and glass which as we’ve established may make all the difference in a room, transforming the look and feel in a wonderfully decorative way.